Sunday, June 11, 2017

Through The Miracle of You Tube, More About The Bob and Ray Trio

Billy Bauer (guitar), Andrew Ackers (piano), Milt Hinton (bass), Osie Johnson (drums)

Whenever I can, I look up musicians in bands to see if there's any example of their solo or other work available for listening.  Apparently the one of the Bob and Ray trio who had the most extensive career as a working musician was the guitar player, Billy Bauer.  As can be seen from who played on this album, he worked with some very fine musicians and a lot of really good musicians did a lot of studio and radio work.

Here's the piano player of the trio, Sanford Gold, playing the same song played by the trio in the Bob and Ray show I posted earlier.  It's from his only solo album.

He had an interesting career as a player and all round musician, including as a Jazz teacher, someone who Bill Evans thought enough of that he encouraged people to study with him (according to the notes on this Youtube).  I have seen his method book, A Modern Approach to Keyboard Harmony and Piano Techniques recommended.

The organist, Paul Taubman seems to have mostly worked on radio and TV.  He was the organist who provided the music for the long time soap opera, The Edge of Night.  There is also a recording of I'm In The Mood For Love from an LP which, let's just say, I won't be posting.   Here is a clip with his playing in the background of the Bob and Ray TV show (I think it works a lot better on radio, try listening with your eyes closed) which makes fun of another article of faith, the validity of opinion polls*.

* Honestly, someone as smart as Kevin Drum seems to have replaced revealed religion with a faith in the efficacy of anything you can put into percentages and, especially, if you can plug in the numbers and make a graph of it.  His recent posts on the sciency superstition of IQ have been a real disappointment to me.  I like Kevin but he's a total sucker for science mimicking bull shit.

Until they can come up with a way to guarantee that the people they survey are giving an honest or informed or durable answer to them, it's about as reliable as reading a gutted chicken's entrails.

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