Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This Week In The Free Press

What with the PBS News Hour having on News Max's Chris Ruddy and the interview by Megan Kelly on what with her is, in all but name,  FOX-NBC of Alex Jones, it's clear that the major organs of the American news media are normalizing the views of the very far-right, what I believe is, in all but name, the fascist-Nazi right, bringing some of its worst spokesmen on what are presented as respectable, main-stream news operations. 

That is in additions to such things as the New York Times putting up op-eds telling us that we've got to cut Trump some slack and bringing on far-right climate change denying crack pots to their already far right enabling op ed staff. 

Those enlightenment savants who put their faith in the power of an unregulated press to protect freedom had no idea how bad it could get when that went from a guy who owned a printing press to mass media and its ability to propagandize millions.  Mix in their ridiculously clueless faith on the efficaciousness of honor among the affluent and educated, you've got all you need to know as to why we need to bring the Bill of Rights up to date in the worst way.  

I said "educated" but, for the most part, they're merely credentialed by the training grounds for the ruling elite.  Lots of them are as stupid as a bag of rocks, thus why they'll have on Ruddy and Jones. 

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