Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Richard Burr Had Better Compel These Stonewallers to Answer Or There Goes Checks And Balances

What is John McCain's problem with Senator Kamela Harris?  He's interrupted her questioning of stonewalling Republican hacks at at least two hearings,  as Senator Ron Wyden noted she was doing her job and she was the only one who was so interrupted as Jeff Sessions stonewalled the committee. 

I liked this comment:

remembering simpler times: HRC testifying for hours & not wondering if she'd developed cognitive impairments and or colluded w the russians

These hearings are establishing an extremely dangerous precedent, where administration figures and officials refuse to answer questions, not based on a claim of executive privilege or other legal basis but on just not wanting to answer them.  If anyone else did that, I believe it would be called "contempt of Congress" and the person doing it would be subject to prosecution.   

If the co-chairs of these hearings don't compel witnesses to answer questions when they have no legitimate reason to not answer them, they will have seriously eroded the balance of powers and checks on the president's power.  

John McCain should shut up and try to stop embarrassing himself. 

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