Friday, June 16, 2017

Be not so bereft to believe 
A syllable spoken by Steve, 
For just the caesura
Has content that surer
The rest of it,  truth does it reave.

I'll confess, coming up with "reave" took an extra minute or so, so under seven but more than five minutes. 

Update:  I was thinking of doing something with Frekiesy and "skeazy" but I thought that association was too complimentary for the Brit. 

Update 2:  I suppose I should thank Freki, Stupy and Skepsi because those stooges were instrumental in me realizing that the pose of intellectual superiority among atheists was just a pose that, once you realize that, you don't have to pretend is true, anymore.   As the late Lenny Baker said in Last Stop Greenwich Village, "Behind that pose is just more pose."  

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