Monday, June 12, 2017

More On The Law Being An Ass - Nazi Bomb Maker Let Out On Bond By Federal Judge Went Gun Shopping With Nazi Buddy Judge Notes His Concern

Another example of the idiocy embedded in the judiciary and the legal system by people pretending they can't see what's right there not only to be seen but flashing red with warning. 

Officials believe he also participated in neo-Nazi chat rooms where he threatened to kill people and blow up places.

Investigators found guns, ammunition and white supremacist propaganda in his bedroom, court records say. A framed photograph of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was on his dresser.

Prosecutors believe those reasons should keep Russell behind bars while he awaits trial on federal charges. A judge, however, disagreed and decided that Russell can be released on bond.

In a ruling Friday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas McCoun III of a federal-district court in Tampa said he does not believe there's "clear and convincing evidence" that Russell is a threat to the community. Russell, 21, was charged last month with possession of unregistered destructive devices and unlawful storage of explosive material.... 

How much would you be willing to wager that this is the kind of lunatic guy who may just be slightly prone to fantasies of going out in a blaze of glory?  Taking as many people with him as he can manage. 

... Russell also told investigators that he used HTMD and the bomb-making devices when he was part of an engineering club at the University of South Florida in 2013, court records say. He said the explosive was used to boost homemade rockets and send balloons into the air for testing. But officials believe HTMD is too strong and volatile for those types of uses.

After he talked to detectives, Russell went to a gun store in Homestead, Fla., where he bought two hunting rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He was later arrested.

McCoun, the federal judge, said in the ruling that Russell's purchase of the rifles and ammunition is concerning, but he did not believe it was enough to deny his request for a bond. Russell, a member of the Florida National Guard, also does not have any arrests or criminal history, and relatives have agreed to allow him to stay with them as he waits for trial. There's also no evidence that Russell used or planned to use the explosive he created, the judge wrote.

Apparently Judge McCoun thinks the guy's a hobbyist.   I looked him up, this idiot nutcase in black robes was appointed in 1994, under Bill Clinton and reappointed in 2002 under George W. Bush.

I hope you noticed the Nazi has a photo of Timothy McVeigh, one time holder of the all time mass murder record in the United States till 9-11 on his dresser.  I wonder if he coulc see it from his bed. 

This is exactly the kind of stuff I was talking about this morning. 

And I think it's time to put up Jay Semko's Mouse In A Hole again.  Maybe it should stand as our de facto national anthem.

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