Thursday, June 15, 2017

Samantha Bee And Her Full Frontal Staff Should Get Awards For Just Last Night's Episode

Especially notice something they got but which I was too furious to notice, that lying, perjuring Jeff Sessions would answer Senator Kamela Harris' question when it was asked by Senator Jack Reed, a white man.  And we're supposed to think that he, McCain and Burr aren't targeting her for being a Black Woman? 

If I'd had someone to hit with one, I'd have thrown a heavy glass vase at the Men for Marrying Children.  

This is great.  I would love to hear the whole debate and expect it would make the Senators and House members, the presidential candidates "debaters" look like the bunch of lying clowns they usually are.

I'm sure there are presidential candidates who could take part in a real debate but if that gentleman in Rikers Island said he "got his head scraped into the floor" they'd be reduced to a pool of slime by a real debater.  It might be more dignified than being the pools of slime that get elected so often.

If "Kamela" doesn't become the most popular girls name, what with the two Kamelas who have lent honor to the name this week, it will be an injustice.

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