Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm Worried For The Actors and the Audience Members At This Point

The two nobodies, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec, the two who disrupted the Julius Cesar production in the park would seem to be right-wing losers who know that they can probably find people with too much money to give them some if they pull those kinds of stunts.  There is a full employment policy for fascists with a desire to get attention and, when they get into hot water, to whine and complain that they're being oppressed.   

I'm not that worked up over the incident though considering it's the likes of the Breitbart brownshirts who are whipping up rage over the production - as some have pointed out, the idiots don't understand the message of it is that even idealistic political violence is counterproductive -  I'm concerned for the safety of the actors and the audience members.   If there's someone who stands a chance of getting killed by a politically motivated nut case, the chances are good that it will be a Republican-fascist gun nut who does the killing. 

She's a repeat offender, I say throw the book at her.  Him, from what I've read he hasn't done as much to get himself attention, yet. 

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  1. You could make the argument the Breitbart crowd do understand the"message" of the play, and want to distract from it. But that's giving them too much credit.