Saturday, June 17, 2017

Those Who Live By The Sword ....

The Republican-fascist disrupters of the Julius Caesar in the park in New York City reportedly yelled, "The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands" as if the guy who was living in his van in Alexandria VA for the past two months took in the show.  

Scalise and his Republican colleagues are the ones who have done the bidding of Murder inc, the NRA and the gun industry that sponsors the political wing of gun nuttery.  The blood of 90 to 100 Americans any given day is on their hands, including the Republicans in Congress, in the Executive branch and on the Supreme Court.  If the various laws to reduce the availability of guns to the criminal, the insane, etc.  that Democrats put into law - in the past with Republican support -  had not been overturned with mostly Republicans doing the overturning, it's likely Scalise would not have been shot.  

As should never be forgotten, it was Donald Trump who offered to pay the legal bills of his supporters who were arrested for beating up his opponents, it was his supporters who screamed to do everything from imprisoning to killing Hillary Clinton, it was the Republican Party which started featuring politicians shooting at things, including targets representing people, including their opponents, which ran candidates who said things like, in the event of their losing the vote to go to "Second Amendment solutions", Rand Paul, a year ago saying the Second Amendment was for shooting at politicians, it is the Republicans who endorsed violence, over and over again, who responded to even the most appalling of mass murders by semi-automatic weapons OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN by making it easier for the insane to get such weapons and to claim that that was a staged event to promote gun control.... 

The blood of Steve Scalise is on the hands of his fellow Republicans, it is on his hands.  A politician who lives by the gun, who is elected by the gun, shouldn't be surprised that the guns he endorses might get turned on him.  It's their fault, not those of us who would have prevented the nut case from getting a gun to start with. 

Someone in the for-profit media won't feel free to point this out.  I just did. 


  1. So now Scalise is a martyr and a messiah? I'm sure the rhetoric of D.C. Dems is to blame. Again. Probably Twitter, too.

    1. I like how they blame a production of Julius Cesar he certainly never saw, probably never heard of - I hadn't till the fascists brought it up - and the people who have tried for fifty years to restrict the sale of guns to unstable people.

      If it had been a different Republican colleague who had been shot I'm confident in speculating that Scalise would be advocating more untrained people having a gun so they could start blazing away like some TV or cartoon righteous gun slinger. As your excellent post on the real consequences of getting shot pointed out, TV and the movies aren't real. I grew up seeing the real results of being shot every day, he's going to have consequences from this every day, as will the others shot, as will the who knows how many others who were shot the same day without Republicanfascists or the media shedding their crocodile tears over them.