Thursday, June 15, 2017

Charles Pierce Says It

Charles Pierce, as so often, says it very well, citing the same, obvious examples that the Republicans in Congress and on the Supreme Courts have not learned from, except to make it easier for the insane, the criminal and the ideologically delusional to get hold of guns for the purpose of killing lots of Americans.

That was how the most influential members of our political elite chose to memorialize six people in Arizona and 26 people in Connecticut: by making sure people could buy more weapons. According to The New York Times, that peculiar memorial to the slain continues right up to the present moment.

"Had there not been a member of House leadership present, there would have been no police present, and it would have become the largest act of political terrorism in years, if not ever," Representative Tom Garrett of Virginia said, pointing to legislation he has introduced to make it easier for people to carry a gun in Washington. That bill "would allow the most law-abiding among us to defend themselves," he said.

A day has passed, and that's pretty much as long as it took before we started talking about anything but crazy people and guns, so I feel comfortable in writing that the reaction within our politics and within our political media to the events in Alexandria on Wednesday will prove more dangerous to the republic in the long run than the shooting itself. It also became fairly nauseating. We heard how Democratic and Republican senators were hugging each other. Each congressional tear was counted and catalogued. I mean, holy mother of god, three people were actually killed at a UPS center in San Francisco later on Wednesday morning, but that story got whisked into the dustbin in favor of existential mooing from the halls of Congress, as though the proliferations of instruments of mass killing is not existential threat enough.

Who needs ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Taliban when we've got the NRA and the Republican Party?

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  1. Unrelated: funniest thing this week is Trump so anxious to be assured he was not the target of an investigation that he made himself one.

    The man can't generate the brain power to walk and chew gum at the same time.