Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jeff Sessions Serial Perjurer And The Republican Senators Who Permit Him To Lie

Jeff Sessions must have a shoe closet like that of the wife of the former dictator of the Philippines Imelda Marcos because those shoes just keep dropping.

An American lobbyist who has worked on behalf of Russian interests has contradicted a key part of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate testimony this week.

The Guardian reports that Richard Burt, who served as ambassador to Germany during the Reagan administration and who has lobbied on behalf of a pipeline company that’s now controlled by Russian state-owned energy conglomerate Gazprom, has admitted to attending two dinners organized by Sessions last year during the height of the 2016 presidential campaign.

“I did attend two dinners with groups of former Republican foreign policy officials and Senator Sessions,” Burt told the Guardian.

This is notable, writes the Guardian, because “Sessions testified under oath on Tuesday that he did not believe he had any contacts with lobbyists working for Russian interests over the course of Trump’s campaign.”

Additionally, Burt last year reportedly had input into a key foreign policy speech that Trump delivered at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. — which was where intelligence officials suspect Sessions might have had a third undisclosed meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

News of Burt’s attendance at dinners organized by Sessions was first reported last October by Politico, although this report didn’t gain significant traction until this week when Sessions testified that he didn’t recall any contacts with lobbyists who worked on behalf of Russian interests last year.

The little scum bag is certainly guilty of perjury, first in his submissions to the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning his time as a federal lawyer, then during his testimony when he voluntarily denied he had met with Russian officials during the campaign - perhaps when he is trying to evade artfully he does that kind of thing, thus the inartful evasion of earlier this week.   Now we know his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee contained perjury as well as the contempt of Congress that has been so much under discussion.  

Jeff Sessions has always been a moral atrocity throughout his public career, a flagrant neo-Confederate racist, a bigot, and so much more.  Now he is engaged in the Trump treason up to his baby doll eyes and repugnant smile.   Maybe he's used to disarming some people with that mug and his would-be folksy delivery but I hope the rest of the country is as sick and tired of it as I got about fifty years ago.

That little bastard deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.  It's unlikely to happen but he sure as hell deserves it as much as anyone whose prosecution he was likely involved in or approved.


  1. Contempt of Congress? Probably not; that literally takes an act of Congress. Perjury? Again, prosecuted by whom? The DOJ? Yeah, who would trust that? Removal from office because he is manifestly unfit and has violated any number of ethical directives pertaining to his law license?

    That could do it. Wouldn't be that hard to start a proceeding in the state where he holds his license. They did it to Clinton.

  2. I said he was unlikely to go to jail but I'd love to see his face as a sentence was handed down.

    Considering how he wants to revive the war on drugs as a way to put black people away so they can be stripped of their voting rights, I might have let that drive me.