Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On the Accusation That Bob Dylan Cribbed Spark Notes.

What can I say but ça ne m'intéresse pas.  

Though, considering what Spark Notes is, it could be a piece of performance art which, unlike so much of that stuff, has a purpose. 

Someone told me that since it's Spark Notes it's possible he delegated the quote checking to a younger person, that someone his age would have cribbed from Cliff Notes. 

It's a hoot how people can get worked up over the theft of words when people get slaughtered by the score, hundreds, thousands and millions without them much noticing .  Not to mention the world is burning. 


  1. How do you steal from something meant to be used freely? I mean, in a purely academic context, yeah, taking SparkNotes as your own ideas is cheating.

    But in a speech for the Nobel Prize? As Eliot pointed out (and I can't quote him directly), minor poets copy, great poets steal.

    Big whoop.

    1. I still like the since it's Spark Notes he probably asked some young person to check quotes theory.

      It reminds me a bit of the great pianist who, after a recital, was informed by an audience member that he'd played a wrong note. "But just think of how many right notes I played" he's said to have responded.

      Considering they gave a Nobel to Fritz Haber when he should have been on trial for war crimes, to any number of other weaponeers, that they gave Henry Kissinger the friggin' Peace Prize (and who knows why they gave it to Obama, doing him no favors in the process).... Yeah, Big Whoop says it best.

  2. Youths ain't got no kulchur. Everybody nose that.