Friday, June 16, 2017

I just got messaged that Simps is still going on about spelling Kamala with an "e" over at Duncan's brain trust.  With two of the other big brains.  

Can you imagine going on about that for two days running?  At the "Brain Trust"?  And they really do call Duncan's Geritol and Prune Juice bar that.  

"Brain trust," huh.   If that's one of those the trustees went rusty. 

Update:  I'm informed that the name Kamala originates in the Sanskrit word for "lotus" and has a number of variants because it is transliterated.  Looking it up to fact check it, one of those is based on a related Arabic word and a Turkish one which is sometimes transliterated as "Kemala".  So the woman I knew who spelled it "Kamela" didn't "spell her name wrong".  

I wonder what dopey would do with some names with a seriously wide range of spellings.  Considering his name is "Steve" short for "Steven" with the variant spelling of "Stephen" or "Stephan" or "Stefan" or any number of others, as always with him, whatever you call him, he's still the same old ass. 

I should have gotten into the fact that the alleged author who he's never read but who he can't stop going on about, that Stratford guy, didn't spell his name twice the same way, apparently, spelling it differently on different pages of the same document.  In his defense, there's no evidence he ever could do more than that with a pen so it might have not been a question of spelling but drawing. 

Update 2:  Considering the raft of whiny complaints he's lodged, I should point out that his nicknames have variants, too, for example "Stupie", "Stupy", and if he's still doing the high school kewl thing "Stupi".  Same for "Dopey".  Simps, though, is stable, the word, not the guy, he's only consistently mendacious and ignorant. 

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