Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Republicans Are Trying To Make Femaleness The New Black

Let's state it plainly, there is something unseemly in two old, white, Republican men cutting off the one and only Black woman on the Senate Intelligence Committee for pressing other old white men who are clearly stonewalling the Senate Intelligence Committee claiming non-existent, non-legal reasons for stonewalling them.  Especially the highly placed lawyer-liars, Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions. 

Richard Burr and John McCain seem to be working in concert to try to disrupt the questioning by Senator Kamela Harris, a woman with a fine record as a prosecutor before she became a Senator, who obviously knows that the only way to treat a serial liar like Jeff Sessions is to press them hard.  That they are doing so to protect the political appointees of the president and, ultimately the president of their own party is certainly relevant to judging what they're doing.

That they feel free do do so to a female Senator who has what it takes to go farther in politics, in the same way Mitch McConnell and other Republican Senators obivously intend to target Senator Elizabeth Warren is beginning to look like a planned strategy of turning being a woman into what they turned Barack Obama being Black into, a way to damage their political standing by diminishing them, using negative stereotypes as necessary. 

I don't think there's any shaming the obviously shameless McConnell or the increasingly shameless John McCain, Richard Burr has liked to make a stand of honor so he might be susceptible to appeals to that rare commodity among Republicans.   The pretense that Jeff Sessions, permitted perjurer, unreconstructed racist and bigot has anything like honor has to end, now.   He is a proven liar and a witness hostile to the truth.  If the Republicans are going to let him get away with stonewalling there's no reason for Democrats or the heroic Independent Angus King to show up for the farce.   


  1. I do like the way Sessions squealed like a stuck pig about his honor and his reputation being impugned.

    Southerners know that schtick, and know that the man who screams loudest about his honor, has none to lose. He gave it away a long time ago.

    1. His lying about his record as a federal lawyer and about his meeting with Russians should have put an and to that pretense which, really, ended as he established himself as a racist.

      Rod Rosenstein ended his with his participation in the firing of Comey and his other activities as Deputy Attorney General. Those two displays of contempt of Congress, last week and this, and that the Republicans are going to let them get away with it is outrageous. And dangerous.