Friday, June 16, 2017

Billy Strayhorn's Take The A-Train - Charles Mingus Sextet Featuring Eric Dolphy

Charles Mingus - Bass
Eric Dolphy - Bass Clarinet
Clifford Jordan - Tenor Sax
Johnny Coles - Trumpet
Jaki Byard - Piano
Dannie Richmond - Drums

Eric Dolphy's solo is a miracle of musical genius.

The musical genius of Duke Ellington and his close collaborator and associate, Billy Strayhorn increasingly absorbed the attention of the next two generations of jazz musicians.  I don't remember if it was Charles Mingus who said that there was a choice to be made of whether to go in that direction or that of the genius of Charlie Parker.  It's a lot better than the choices that you got with rock. Maybe that's why jazz continued and continues to develop.

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