Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What Matters Isn't If They're Getting Paid To Betray the American People, It Is THAT They Are Betraying The American People

Based in how they have behaved this past week when the Trump treason is undeniable, I am going to assume that all media organizations and figures who are carrying water for Trump, disregarding or attempting to minimize the seriousness of the crimes of Trump and his crew of criminals are already known to have committed, that anyone in our media who are doing that are de facto assets of Vladimir Putin and are likely either in his pay or who know or suspect he has dirt he can use to blackmail them.

I don't know if they are actually getting the kinds of millions that we already know have come Trumps way and the way of those who have participated in installing a Putin regime asset in the White House.  But what matters for democracy, for the lives and rights and freedoms of the American People isn't whether or not they have gotten money IT IS THAT THEY ARE DOING THE BIDDING OF A FOREIGN DESPOT, a very smart organized criminal who has played the freedom to lie given to the American media by some of the stupidest and most short-sighted interpretations of the First Amendment imaginable.  

We don't have to wonder about that, by first creating the celebrity of Donald Trump, of covering for him as his past massive business corruption was fully known, as he inserted himself as a political figure and as he was able, with the help of the media, both entertainment and news, to gain power even as his lies piled up to the sky, the American media, our free press made Donald Trump as a public figure, as a politician and as a president.   The American media are what created Trump, it is what sustained and promoted him, it is what covered for him and attacked his opponent the most massively vetted and tested candidate for president in the history of the country, it enabled the situation which allowed Trump to take power even as he lost the election.   Lest anyone forget, the New York Times, as recently as the end of April was advocating that people look on the "good side" of Donald Trump, advocating that people go out of their way to say something nice about him.  

As far as I am concerned, if Rupert Murdoch and his FOX staff aren't in the pay of Putin or acting under threat of blackmail by him, they are doing the same for some other organized criminal for the same reasons.  In some cases in the American media they ARE the gangsters they are serving.  It's either that or they just hate American democracy and the American People.  In a country with an honest legal system Rupert Murdoch would have been deported back to Australia to inflict himself on that country decades ago.  And what you can say about Murdoch and FOX you can say about many other parts of the American media, hate talk radio, online media, even the most august organs of the ink on newsprint media.   They have gotten too used to being able to tell lies with impunity, they have gotten too used to being rich and corrupt, they have gotten too jaded and cynical to do something so corny as serve democracy and the common good. 

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