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Warsaw Brass Trio - Trio for Brass - Anthony Plog

Incredible brass playing

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Kay Starr - Mama Goes Where Papa Goes

Kay Starr Kay's Lament

Thursday, July 12, 2012

NTodd Vindicated: Steve Simels Again Exposed as a Sock Puppeteer

Note:  As I suspected it would be, the comment thread at Hullabaloo has been altered to remove much of  the content below, I assume by Digby, the owner.  If a blogger is going to knowingly allow blog trolls using pseudonyms on their blogs, after they have been exposed,  leaving them to attack people under multiple identities,  they can hardly expect people to keep reading their blogs.   Steve Simels is a malignant presence on several blogs,  a proven, serial sock puppet who attacks people under multiple names.  Any blogger who aspires to do something useful should take that into account as should people choosing which blogs to follow.  Digby now knows, beyond doubt, that Steve Simels has been using sock puppets on her blog.  Taking down the evidence exposing that  from her blog leaves it vulnerable to having him do it without being exposed.  That means that her blog is known to be less credible today than it was could have been believed to be yesterday.   She should seriously consider if that is something she wants.  

NTodd provided a link confirming what is, apparently, no longer available as the original Eschaton  HaloScan threads aren't up anymore. 

Blog lore has it that Steve Simels was exposed years ago at Eschaton blog as a troll hiding behind sock puppets  by NTodd.   In the intervening years people have occasionally mentioned the incident only to have Simels deny it, accusing NTodd of making it up (as recently as a couple of weeks ago at Eschaton when Gomez brought it up).    The other day I noticed what I thought was an interesting coincidence in the comments at Hullabaloo which led to me clicking on Simels' name to see what would happen.  What I found out was confirmation that NTodd told the truth all those years ago.

From a Comment Thread at Hullaballoo

Anthony McCarthy
I've got no problem with the non-charitable, profit generating activities of religion being taxed, assuming that by "charitable" is meant giving aid and support to poor folks, the ill, the destitute, the ill...   And I'm getting increasingly fed up with judges, legislators, regulators who pretend not to be able to make those kinds of distinctions.

I also have no problem pointing out that there are numerous anti-religious and atheist organizations that enjoy tax exemption as well as political organizations that clearly violate that status on behalf of the filthy rich.   Why this kind of ire is focused, indiscriminately, against religion, including many legitimately charitable entities, at times can count as irrational hatred instead of a legitimate point.   Pretending to not see things isn't limited to the judges.
Today, 07:04:07 – Reply – Delete

Steve Simels
You, of all people, should know the difference between a religion and a cult, Sparky.

About a million members.
Today, 10:12:51 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
Click on Steve Simels' name above his comment. A box pops up. Click on the tab that says “view details” in the box. Find out that Steve Simels posts comments under an account owned by “Lubypaulanka”, remembering that Steve Simels is a hack pop-music scribbler who has written about Paul Anka. Draw the logical conclusion, remembering that Simels was exposed as a sock puppet master at Eschaton years ago, something he denies to this day.


Today, 10:22:46 – Reply – Delete

Steve Simels
I post as Lubypaulanka when I want to say general shit about stuff.

I post as me when I want to insult you.

Deal with it.

Today, 10:38:59 – Flag – Reply

Steve Simels
Also, I've never written a word about Paul Anka.

Today, 10:39:32 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
Snicker if you will, but if there's a better look at the star-making machinery and the price of fame than this cinema verité portrait of teen idol Paul Anka back in the day then I, for one, haven't seen it.
Posted by steve simels at 8:41 AM
Today, 11:17:51 – Reply – Delete

Anthony McCarthy
Here's more proof, if any is still needed, that YouTube is the greatest contribution to Western Culture since the Library at Alexandria -- the first two sections of the rarely seen but utterly fascinating (and influential) 1962 cinema verité documentary Lonely Boy. (The melancholy youth of the title, of course, is Paul Anka, the then teen idol and future auteur of "You're Having My Baby." )
Today, 11:20:15 – Reply – Delete

You mean he really did write a couple of paragraphs about Paul Anka?  How shocking!!
Today, 12:25:55 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
He lied about not having written about Paul Anka, recycling himself to do it.  And I haven't bothered to go back through Stereo Review.  Not to mention this is at least the second time he's been exposed as using sock puppets in blog comments, something he's denied doing that for about six years that I know about.

I'm not shocked, but, then, I've seen him at work for longer than that.   And it is me he's trolling here.
Today, 12:29:38 – Reply – Delete

Steve Simels
Oh, and I'm supposed to have the time to go through back issues just because you made an asinine point about a dipshit pop singer? Who remembers, and who cares except a crackpot paranoid like you.

BTW, I truly appreciate your shoutouts at that crappy blog you maintain. I think it's called "ME (ANTHONY MCCARTHY) AGAINST ALL THE LIARS AND PHONIES IN THE WORLD." Kudos!!!
Today, 12:59:26 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
Anyone who wants to could, I guess, look at your stuff and at mine to see who is more self-referential.  

As it stands, Steve, you've beenm again, exposed sock puppeting, something you've denied you do over and over again since you were exposed as doing it years ago on Eschaton.   You're the one who chose to post comments under the name "Lubypaulanka".  If you'd chosen something literate I might not have checked.   That's why I doubt that Rea is another of your puppets, though she might want to check to see when St. Thomas Moore and Wm. Tyndale died.  You can't trust the Anglican propaganda in the tradition of Foxx for historical accuracy.
Today, 13:12:44 – Reply – Delete

Steve Simels
You know what -- I'll start posting as Slutty Jewish Girl again. That'll fool everybody, even you.

Today, 13:18:49 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
The only way you could fool me is you stopped being a dishonest ass.

I'm posting this exchange on my blog, in case it gets taken down here.

Slutty Jewish Girl

Wow. That'll guarantee it will be seen by the masses.

Today, 14:03:09 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
You can lead a bore to culture but you can't make him think.

Slutty Jewish Girl
Anthony's a crackpot who refuses to admit his suggestion that the Jews of Israel just abandon their historic homeland and move to Arizona -- yup, Arizona -- is deeply offensive.

Until he does, I'm on him like a cheap suit.
Today, 14:47:26 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
As can be seen here, Steve Simels is a proven, habitual, liar who has been distorting what I said since shortly after I answered his anti-Roma snark:
And while we're at it, the Gypsies need a homeland too.  
I think there's an abandoned shopping mall in Jersey they could have.

You can read what I actually said, along with truly antisemetic remarks that Steve's buddies made, to no objection from him,  at the link.  

NTodd was telling the truth, Simels, you've been lying about being a sock puppet troll for years.
Today, 15:16:13 – Reply – Delete


And later on the same thread,  Steve's girl friend joined in, if she's not just another sock puppet, that is.  That's the problem with someone known to do this, you can't be certain.

Brooklyn Girl
Oh, I see Anthony is up to his usual tricks. "I'M GOING TO POST THIS ON MY SHITTY BLOG FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!!!!"

Except nobody gives a damn.

And, now going back on topic, it is time for religious institutions to lose their tax-exempt status. Unless they are willing to just shut up once and for all about any political issue and mind their own damn business.
Today, 14:54:29 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
Steve's girlfriend.
Today, 15:19:44 – Reply – Delete

Slutty Jewish Girl
Blow me.

Today, 15:34:50 – Flag – Reply

Anthony McCarthy
Unlike you I can't be bought and I certainly can't be bored.
Today, 15:39:54 – Reply – Delete

UPDATE:   NTodd has provided further information about his research that exposed Simels and others at Eschaton.   His commentary on the topic is very good and should be read again.   Maybe this time it will be taken more seriously.

Steve Simels has changed his tactics and is now trolling me as "Slutty Jewish Girl", I'd guess it's what he and his pals consider intellectually daring and kewl.   No doubt he's still trolling other places under other names.   The guy is a wart on the ass of leftish blogging.

Further Update September 20th, 2012:  Simels seems to be up to it again, denying he got caught and, I strongly suspect, posting attacks under other names, covering his tracks, now that he's been caught the way he was above.   So, if you see something like this being done, you're within your rights to suspect it's just Steve Simels on a day after a Cialis failure or someone pointing out he's recycled the same old column about the mop heads or the stones that was first recycled by someone else c. 1967.