Saturday, November 23, 2013

Leo Brouwer Sonata

I posted a very good recording of this sonata last year but this is a somewhat different approach.   It's worth listening to as played by different artists.

Tal Hurwitz plays a guitar built by Andreas Kirmse

Friday, November 22, 2013

Charles Ives: Song for the Harvest Season

Charles Ives

Song for the Harvest Season

Jan DeGaetani, soprano
American Brass Quintet

Gerard Schwarz - trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn
John Eckert - trumpet
Edward Birdwell - french horn
Arnold Fromme - tenor trombone

Robert Biddlecome - bass trombone.

Slow Recoveries

Our mother is better but far from well.  One of our friends, who is a doctor, looked at things and said that the hospital nearly killed her, though not for attribution in a court of law.   She requires round the clock care so we're not getting a lot of extra things done.   Unfortunately, she has developed bed sores so there is also that to deal with.  But her doctor says there is nothing imminently life threatening in her condition.  

It's exhausting but it's a good reminder that there is no experience in life better than being able to do things for others.  Maybe that's the purpose of suffering, the answer to the problem of evil.