Monday, May 15, 2017

Real Proponents of Equality Don't Enable Those Who Would Destroy Equality And The Lives Of Those They Hold Are Not Equal, Using Their Enabling To Hail Their Own "Fairness"

The greatest eye-opening I had about the real nature of the American Civil Liberties Union was in the role they played in aiding Nazis in their march in Skokie Illinois in 1978,  something the ninnies brag about on their website as if it were some great act of courage:

In 1978, the ACLU took a controversial stand for free speech by defending a neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie , where many Holocaust survivors lived. The notoriety of the case caused some ACLU members to resign, but to many others the case has come to represent the ACLU's unwavering commitment to principle. In fact, many of the laws the ACLU cited to defend the group's right to free speech and assembly were the same laws it had invoked during the Civil Rights era, when Southern cities tried to shut down civil rights marches with similar claims about the violence and disruption the protests would cause. Although the ACLU prevailed in its free speech arguments, the neo-Nazi group never marched through Skokie, instead agreeing to stage a rally at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago.

Which, of course, entirely ignores that one group was in favor of civil rights the very things the ACLU claims to stand for and equality which, frankly, I'm not sure how that really fits in with the ACLU brand, the other group were Nazis who are entirely opposed to equality and for oppression and murder.  A difference which, obviously, doesn't phase the ACLU.  

In the psychotic game of the professional civil libertarian, we're supposed to see the struggle over equality, civil rights and even whether or not groups will be subject to legal persecution and even murder as some kind of game in which it's only sporting if the Nazis are allowed their fair chances of winning and putting their ideas into effect.   Left out of the official discourse of the civil liberties industry is that for a good part of the long history of our domestic forms of Nazism, most notably Jim Crow and lynching, the racists and bigots and foes of equality and for oppression, de-facto slavery and inequality didn't need to change laws, they got away with it because their organizations controlled state governments and state delegations to the Congress and, on the basis of that organization and through their propaganda they controlled the agenda to the extent that they made it impossible to pass federal laws against lynching. 

For them to win, they don't have to have official control of the federal government, though, in the Trump regime and the Republican-fascist control of the congress, it's clear they are on the verge of doing just that.  Through "free press" rulings, decisions and, now, habits, they have spread their hate through cabloid TV FOX and CNN and hate-talk radio.  Before he went to work for FOX, don't forget Lou Dobbs used his nightly show on CNN to revive a style of anti-Latino hate which is now official policy in the Trump regime.   The ACLU has supported that as fully as it did the Nazis ability to stage publicity stunts.  And what you can say about traditional media you can say about the internet, where overt Nazism flourishes.  

This post is written in response to, of course, the white supremacist, Trump regime, the supporting Republican-fascist party and the fact that now when the Nazis organize spectacles, as they did in Charlottesville, Virginia, they do so with overt members of their movement are sitting in the White House, exercising power.  

The mayor of the Virginia college town of Charlottesville was the target of anti-Semitic tweets on Sunday after speaking out against white nationalists who converged on a local park carrying blazing torches the night before.

Mayor Mike Signer said two protests led on Saturday by Richard Spencer, a leader of the "alt-right" movement, came on the same day the city held its annual Festival of Cultures event, which celebrates diversity in the home of the University of Virginia.

"You're seeing anti-Semitism in these crazy tweets I'm getting and you're seeing a display of torches at night, which is reminiscent of the KKK," Signer, who is Jewish, said in a phone interview. "They're sort of a last gasp of the bigotry that this country has systematically overcome."

Signer issued a statement on Saturday criticizing the torch-carrying marchers as either "profoundly ignorant" or aiming to instill fear.

"I smell Jew," posted an anonymous Twitter user with the handle "Great Patriot Trump." "If so, you are going back to Israel. But you will not stay in power here. Not for long."

With due respect to Mayor Signer, I doubt this is their last gasp, they are closer to power than they have been in decades, those with an overt Nazi identity have never had associates in positions of actual power before and the differences between those overt Nazis and the American strain of the mind eating bacteria have never been more insignificant

Spencer, an avowed white nationalist, is credited by some with coining the term "alt-right" to describe online and social media communities on the far right that include white supremacists.

Trump, as president-elect, condemned an alt-right conference in Washington in November organized by Spencer where some attendees gave Nazi salutes and yelled "Hail Trump!" after a speech about white nationalism.

At the Saturday afternoon rally, Spencer led chants of "You will not replace us."

Later that night, he tweeted a photo of himself holding a burning tiki torch, his face illuminated with the hashtag "torchlight."

The Charlottesville Daily Progress reported that chanters also cried: "Russia is our friend," and "Blood and soil."

That's a huge difference between now and 1978,  the post-Marxist Russian dictator is a friend of and sponsor of Nazism in the West, putting who knows how much money into their attacks on democracy because gangsters hate democracy as much as billionaires generally do and Russia and, now, the United States are in the control of gangsters.  There is still a tiny sliver of a hope that the rule of law, here, might overcome the Congressional Republican refusal to do anything about even overt obstruction of justice by Putin's asset, Donald Trump.  There is no hope that is going to happen in Russia which, as long as Trump and his fellow gangsters are in control will be promoting Nazism as a way to destroy democracy and to discredit it and the West.  

The old rules of the old game that the ACLU and their like of white collar guys play, those who turn that into a gig and a profession, talking suckers into giving them money to defend Nazis and Nazis going under another name. don't apply.  They really never did, not for those whose lives really were in danger.  Their vaunted defense of the real civil liberties movement of equality and civil rights is more than undone by their game of getting publicity by enabling Nazis.  You can tell that by who gained power under it and who lost.  And it was the Nazis and fascists who gained, not the civil rights movement.

The whole thing was always irrational, based on refusal to acknowledge the defining, real and dangerous difference between free speech for those who support freedom and permitting the people who intend to destroy equality, civil rights and lives to organize and spread their pathology.   Maybe you had the luxury of declaring yourself pure and impartial on that matter while Jimmy Carter was in office, today that luxury comes with a price, one which black people, Latinos and others are paying right now.  I don't think the lawyers of the ACLU are in much of a danger of paying much of a price, for them it is still 1978, most of us don't have the luxury of pretending that.  Not with Trump in the White House, McConnell and Ryan in control of the congress and the Roberts court with a majority in favor of doing their bidding in the Supreme Court.  With all due respect to Mayor Signer, has he looked at the flowering of overt, Nazi-style antisemitism and racism all over the web, especially with online porn selling it with sex?  That's not a harmless kink, it's really, here and now, dangerous.  Did anyone think that they'd get this far back then? 

Remember this the next time you get a request for donations from the ACLU or any other Nazi enabling group, any group who goes to court - in perhaps the most ironic use of the terms, PRO BONO - insanely applying the impartiality of amicus curiae so they can say they've done that in their publicity when anyone with any knowledge knows that that is aiding and abetting gangsters, oppressors and killers.  Gangsters and killers who now hold power which the Democrats are finding it hard to overcome, even when Trump brags on TV about having committed obstruction of justice and may have recordings of him doing it.  Plainly, the time for gentlemen's games on a level playing field as if the stakes weren't the only thing that mattered, ended a long time ago.  As I said, the stakes are genrally not paid by the lawyers and staffers and their fund raisers.  They aren't generally paid by the white owners of the media and those who set themselves up as champions of equality by enabling those who intend to gain power to destroy equality. 

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  1. "You're seeing anti-Semitism in these crazy tweets I'm getting and you're seeing a display of torches at night, which is reminiscent of the KKK," Signer, who is Jewish, said in a phone interview. "They're sort of a last gasp of the bigotry that this country has systematically overcome."

    Sadly, obviously not the "last gasp" since it sounds just like the racism I encountered in my youth, over 50 years ago. It's "gasp" was more "last" then; now it's a resurgence, not a death rattle. Indeed, it seemed more at an end in 1978 than it does now.

    And yeah, it's never about justice (the implicit claim of the ACLU), it's always about power. Justice is impartial, but seeks the elimination of oppression. Power has diametrically opposed goals.