Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump At Falwell's Pyramid

I believe it was the essential Charles Pierce who noted that Donald Trump was, in fact, the first actual pagan president of the United States.   By which, of course, he didn't mean those whimsical, nature loving (Trump clearly hates nature), peaceful, "so long as it hurts no one" Pagans, he meant a full blown, modern, updated version of the full decay of Rome, decadence of the over-ripe classical period, state religion, pagans who made their kings and Pharaohs and Caesars gods who ruled over some of the most obscenely unequal, unjust, terror gained and maintained governments in the history of our world.  I believe it was the sometimes impious and skeptical Keith Olbermann who noted that during the campaign we found out that Donald Trump didn't attend church services, had no knowledge of the Bible or seemed not to have any familiarity with Christianity other than being able to say the word in speeches to dupe the easily duped.

So it was revealing to look at his rant - um - speech at the Liberty University founded by that late, far from great, huckster of pseudo-Christianity, Jerry Falwell and presided over by his son in a typically dynastic move, typical of other such pseudo-Christian cons.

If you follow the news none of it will come as a surprise to you.  If you want to read it, so as to have an actual, quotable record of either what he said or what he was supposed to say, Time magazine has posted it online.  I'll let others who are not indisposed as I am, mine it for quotes.  I read it quickly, trying to keep my breakfast down and I noticed something very odd for a speech given to a "Christian" university,  Donald trump used the word "I" about 49 times (I did two different word searches with two different programs to do this count one said he used it 47 times, why the difference, I don't know.).  "Me" 7 times.  "God" six times, "Bible" one time (when he talked about putting his hand on one while taking the oath of office), "Christian" twice, both times to describe Liberty University, and  "Jesus" and "Christ" not at all.  Also not found in the text were words frequently occurring in the Bible like "poor".  Also missing in his address to the alleged Christian university was that significant word found more than almost any other in the Bible, "justice".

It is one of the down sides to the wall of separation of church and state that con men and their kids can use religion to dupe those who can be duped and to become filthy rich oligarchs "oilygarchs" is perhaps a good word for them.  But there is no reason for the rest of us to go along with the obvious fraud that such "Christianity" is as it is definitely not about the Gospel of Jesus, the teachings of his followers, the Law or - most of all - the Prophets.  Liberty University is a pagan institution pretending to be a Christian university.  That it could take Donald Trump to its bosom, a man who has led a life of total indulgence and dissipation, with a past as a minor league Alexander VI style slob.  Now, under the patronage of the most wealthy crook in the world and in hock to who knows how many Russian oligarchs and others, he can fill in his resume with some Neronian decadence, perhaps with some from some other of the more infamous Roman emperors.  Caligula comes to mind.

I wonder if Jerry Falwell jr. has ever been asked about Trump's declaration on national TV that he wished he could date his daughter.  Someone should get him on record on that issue.

Update:  Sorry, I suppose I should have included the "Access Hollywood" tape with Billy Bush.  Obviously, Falwell jr and the rest of those running "Liberty University" are perfectly OK with having someone who brags about sexual assault address their "Christian" grad and their families.  So much Trumpian criminality and immorality to remember, so little time to list it all.


  1. Word comes today that Jim Bakker says criticism of Trump comes from the antichrist. Which, coming from that fraud, is serious. Right?

    1. Jim Bakker. Now that's a pest from the past. AKA, the man who made Tammy Bakker seem like a figure of integrity.

      I wonder, is Swaggart still around raking in the swag? I can't keep up with which hallelujah peddlers are still conning people and which aren't.

      I'm not pretending those crooks are religious. I'm not under any obligation to.