Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Looking Forward - You Can't Keep Democracy With The System That Created Trump - This Is A Crossroads

So, even the typical Republican mouthpieces like Maura Liasson at NPR are noting that Trump's National Security Adviser, H. R. McMaster's "non-denial denial" trying to deflect the attention from Trump's highly destructive bragging to the Russians about highly sensitive information that could put Americans and others at risk is a smoke screen.

I went to bed with the news that screaming and yelling among Trump's PR flacks was heard issuing from the white house and that very late into the night they hadn't "put a lid" on news issuing from the Administration.  I woke up to hear that even such reliable Republican liars clearly know Trump went past a point where they, even with their minimalist ethical standards, can't cover for him.

Trump is going to have to be removed from office, that much is obvious.  The question is how long will it take for the corrupt, calculating Republican leadership to try to deny the time for that was a long time ago as they try continue to figure out how it will be best for THEM to get him and his crew of crooks out of there.

He will be replaced by Mike Pence whose involvement with at least the cover-up of Trump's treason is perhaps also enough to warrant his removal from office and who will have to mount his own cover up of that and likely much more.  He's been involved with Trump long enough and has been privy to enough to compromise him.  He is also someone who managed, as a right-wing Republican governor of Indiana, to amass a record of incompetence and depravity so as to be one of the most unpopular political figures in his own state.  I wouldn't be surprised if he begins his presidency with extremely low approval which will, as well erode.   And, another thing, it is almost a certainty that the Russians know stuff about Pence that they can use to blackmail him.  Anyone who doesn't believe those in the Trump regime and inner circle contains Putin's spies is best considered too stupid to consider at this point

I was of two minds about extending the Trump regime for two years so as making it possible to get Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell out of the chain of presidential succession.  Paul Ryan has as many character defects as Donald Trump and he matches that with an amoral, sociopathic true belief in Ayn Rand's corporate fascist theories.  I think he might, actually, concentrate the destructive potential of Trump on the international scene on the American domestic agenda which would not only absolutely destroy the middle-class but would be death to many of the poor and destitute.  I to think he's not so stupid that he wouldn't know he shouldn't brag to the Russians using classified, confidential intelligence information to do it.  He is likely even more malevolent to the majority of people and he is a true believing fanatic in one of the worst pseudo-philosophical cults to have ever arisen in the United States.

So, it's clear that even the Republican whores in the media realize Trump is going to have to go and soon before he totally destroys the Western alliance and even anti-terror cooperation with the United States.  We are seeing, before our eyes, exactly that nightmare of the founders coming to pass, an American president with despotic powers in league with foreign despots, anything like loyalty he has to them - they own him, he is their asset -  and working with them against the interests of the people of the United States.  And the longer he stays there, the worse it will get.

With this complete disaster in which a psychotic-spoiled child of 70 was raised by our free press, TV, turned into a figure who could sucker enough foolish people into voting for him - as our free press both gave him free publicity and fueled his rise every step of the way and gave him credibility as they continued to lie about Hillary Clinton, the one person who stood between us and a Trump regime, we have come to a crossroads as a country.

The very things which created Trump and gave him power, the things about our government, our legal system, YES, OUR CONSTITUTION AS CURRENTLY INTERPRETED, are what Putin and his experts used to both make Trump an asset and to put him in office.  The part using Moldovan teenaged- hackers and others like that we have little control over, but Trump is a creation of the free press in America as permitted under the regime of First Amendment interpretation over the past fifty-three years.  Putin and his experts certainly understand that - they certainly mastered it in ways that our media and our experts apparently can't comprehend.

America under that interpretation of the First Amendment which empowers lies and money to promote lies is what produced this disaster.  It is the media enabled to lie with impunity and abandon public service in favor of selling itself to the richest buyers which produced Trump and destroyed the chances of the one person who could have prevented it.  The courts who ruled in favor of them being able to do that and the lawyers and legal thinkers who created those dogmas and doctrines set the whole downward spiral off by refusing to say that a lie is not as good as the truth and that only the truth can produce real freedom. 

Clearly, America can't hope to remain a democracy or be a trusted ally and the bulwark of freedom under the presently interpreted meaning of that.  Modern mass media changed everything making it possible for wealthy people in whose interest it is for an effective majority OR MINORITY to believe lies to sell them more easily than ever before.  If that isn't changed even getting rid of Trump and Pence and Ryan and McConnell isn't the end of it, it's only the end of the first part of the end of the United States as a strong democracy.  Putin and whoever succeeds him, other despots will use the same means of ratfucking our democracy that has worked so well, this time.

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