Monday, May 15, 2017

Imagine, Simps Misremembers A Plot Line To Make No Point At All

No, I remember it and that's not exactly how I remember the plot of that episode going.  IMDb describes it:

A preacher with Clean Up Radio Everywhere wants WKRP to stop playing specific songs due to the lyrics. Mr. Carlson thinks the station should cooperate, while the rest say the songs are classics and shouldn't be subjected to censorship.

Another online resource agrees with my memory that the issue was sexual content. 

So you mis-remember how it went. But that's not surprising, you and Les Nessman have essentially the same journalistic competence. Only he was eccentric, sympathetic and charming in his Milquetoast view of his career. He was better looking, too.     

And the episode was first broadcast April 12, 1981.  So the song was overplayed for only ten of the 36 years that it has been a banal, meaningless, hypocritical dirge at that point in time.  

I do remember the actor Richard Paul doing a really good job of playing the Jerry Falwell figure.  Apparently some others thought so too because IMDb says that the actor - who died tragically young - played him two more times over the next two decades.  

I love IMDb, have learned the names and subsequent acting histories of so many actors I didn't know the names of.  I love to see good actors getting work.  

I'd say "research is your friend" but you wouldn't know that and at your age, you never will. 

Update:  Oh, look, someone tells me that when you posted that comment at Duncan's daycare for those in their dotage you included a link to that IMDb listing.  Apparently you neglected to read it.  What have I told you before?

These are words.

To understand what they say you have to read them.

They do not work unless you do. 

Too much TV, too little homework, Simps, that's your problem. 

Update 2:  No, I remembered that scene, at the end of the half-hour, well, 24 minutes.  It's a more subtle point than Simps thought.  As Mr. Carlson points out, the lyrics aren't obscene which was what "Dr. Bob Hayler" claimed he was against. 

And I did read the whole listing.  I love the scene where Les Nessman is conflicted because Ed Murrow is one of his heroes and General George Patton is as well.  I liked Les.  

Update 3:  I don't have to agree with everything in a sit-com to love it.  I mean, once in a blue moon Simps agrees with something I say but that doesn't mean he's required to love my blog. 

It might make me check my reasoning to see if faulty logic is why he agrees with me, however. 

You know, pretty soon there are going to be more words in this post than there are in the script. 

Update 4: Naw, Simps ain't Johnny, he's more Herb.   The Mr. Carlson role has some cautionary lessons for Duncan. 

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