Monday, May 15, 2017

Jim Baker Wants To Sell You Some Deeeelishious Survival Chow And Other Trumpery

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loved the 1970s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati and one of my favorite episodes was when Andy the station manager decided to crack down on the buy-time-radio ex-pro wrestler-evangelist Little Ed for his shameless huckstering.  Selling religious themed shower curtains and lawn furniture.   I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it.  I loved that show.  Sorry, can't link to a clip though I will tell you it's posted several places online in glorious very low fi. 

RMJ mentioned that that name from the past, the convicted crook and TV  hallelujah huckster Jim Bakker is still around, well after his prison sentence ended and his original .... I won't call it a ministry because the servicing he was giving was not that kind of servicing, mostly in line with bilking semi-senile out of their money.   

The other day he said making fun of Trump is the devils work, among him peddling his buckets of survival food.  Little Ed was small potatoes to the lying Jim Bakker who wasn't sent to jail for his "preaching" as he claimed but for his thieving and being a major con man who conned people out of more than a hundred-fifty million dollars.  . 

Here, watch it. 

For regular readers, note that the case of Leona Helmsley discussed here last week also figured in this report.  

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