Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is This As Tiresome As It Seems Or Has The Diphenhydramine Kicked In - Hate Mail

Dopey and Duncan's Dunkles* have always had a problem navigating the conditional mood so I'm not surprised they'd say that.

Actually, most days I get more than 800 unique readers.  I say "readers" because it's obvious they're not coming here to brag about what they're cooking for lunch or supper, talking about antique pop kulcha of their youth, saying what's been said about that in a litany of tropes that have repeated thousands of times or pictures of their cats.  I respect the privacy of my cats and don't reveal much about them.  If I could have another dog, I'd do the same for her or him.  

I also say "readers" because to have readers you've got to do what Duncan hardly ever does, write stuff.  He doesn't so much have readers as link clickers and lazy, post-literate lounge lizards.  

So, big deal.  

* Also known as "Simels and the Simelexics."  He's infected most of them over there if they weren't already victims.   

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