Friday, May 19, 2017

Hate Mail

If you can go through Jerry Coyne's complete post linked to below and come up with an alternative interpretation which is plausible - addressing that he is slamming Women's Studies which inevitably deals with discrimination against women BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE SITUATION IN THE WORLD IS - I will post it.  Apparently he'd think that Black Studies should ignore discrimination, Jewish Studies should ignore anti-semitism. etc. because those fields take a position in opposition to those real phenomena in the world.  It would be like expecting epidemiologists and others to have an objective non-point of view on the diseases they study.  

It's not unusual when it's Jerry the juvenile to be unable to get a point out of what he writes other than "I don't like that and you're a poopy-head."   That is his typical mode of communication when it's not something for a reviewed journal or subject to editing.  His blog is pretty much one long, sustained tantrum. 

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