Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Does Putin Own Major Figures In The American Media As Well As Donald Trump?

A few days ago I asked if it might not be possible that some of the long time and shorter term figures in the quasi-official lefty media who have been scolding about how those criticizing the Putin regime are "cold warriors" might not be actual Putin era Russian assets.   I'm becoming more convinced that not only might some of them be but that such Putin assets might be elsewhere in the American media.

Certainly FOX is a natural focus of that question as they protect Donald Trump and his regime, the Republican Party from the consequences of the ever increasing number of revelations of Russian control of our government.  They were doing exactly the same things that the Putin trolls, Julian Assange and others were doing to try to damage Hillary Clinton's campaign.  I've got no doubt that what FOX, CNN and others in the corporate American media were certainly more effective in putting Putin's asset in the White House than middle-European teenagers did.

So, why isn't it permissible to ask if Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, others at FOX, Jeff Zucker, hell, why not Punch Sulzberger might not either be getting something from Putin or whether Putin and his massive spy network might not have found stuff they could use to blackmail them or other influential figures in the American media.

I expect that the first line of defense against those questions would be accusations of wild, paranoid delusions but, then, who would have thought, four years ago, that we would have a Republican in the White House who is known to be a Putin regime asset, that an American General would willingly and obviously be one, that he would be made National Security Adviser even as it was known by the Attorney General that he was compromised and after she and the previous president had told the Trump regime of it.   And those are only two of the things that if you'd said, four years ago, were going to be the real reality four years later that people would have thought you were nuts.

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