Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ana Marie Cox And Josh Barro Give Us The Horrific News

I seldom listen to Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC show The Last Word but I caught one of those bootleg live streams that didn't get shut down during the 8:00-11:00 liberal ghetto hours at that network so I heard it last night.

One segment that concerned the reported "intervention" weeks ago to try to get control of Trump's titter addiction was especially revealing.  They had  Ana Marie Cox on, she said some things about the Trump regime that seem to me to be some of the most likely and realistic views of it I've heard.  Her point that he is a 70-year-old who has NEVER faced the consequences of his wrong doing and how dangerous that is seems to me to be very realistic.  Josh Barro was also good along the same line.  Despite what the media have relentlessly said, Ivanka and Jared aren't "the adults" who were going to control the spoiled baby-man who occupies the White House, their adulthood has been way oversold because they are obviously entitled, out of control,  children, themselves.  Her in what will probably be a temporary bootleg of it.

And what you can say about them you can say about the rest who were supposed to be the adults in the Trump regime, even those like Rod Rosenstein and H. R. McMaster and his entire list of those appointed by Trump and his dystopian Our Gang where everyone is either "Butch" or "The Woim", well some of them are Scut and Grover, terrorizing and shaking down their victims.

What you can say about the White House, you can also say about the Congress, it is in Republican hands and the adults on them number in the single digits.  I would note Ben Sasse and Richard Burr as the closest  that count as such.  The guys who play adults on TV, McCain and Graham are falling far short.

There are no adults in the Trump ship of fools.  We are a nation adrift because the Republican Party and their voters, aided by the infantalizing American media have handed the country to a bunch of out of control brats who will plunder and vandalize the country.   Or, if Cox stays as insightful as she obviously is, push the red button.

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