Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's Even Worse Than That For The Materialist-Atheist-Scientistic Evangelist

Rereading this last paragraph, it occurs to me that not only do materialists who demand everyone believe in their faith who doesn't, insist that they violate the physical conditions that causes them to not believe in materialist-atheist-scientism, THEY DEMAND THAT THEY CHOOSE TO DISBELIEVE WHAT IS ORDAINED BY THE PHYSICAL CONDITION OF THEIR BRAIN THAT DEMANDS THEY DISBELIEVE MATERIALIST-ATHEIST-SCIENTISM.  They demand that they do what their faith holds is impossible, for them to make a free choice, free of the physical conditions that produce their thoughts,  to violate the physical causation they assert is the only reality of their minds.  

I could go on to point out that they also assert that those who refuse to be converted to their materialist faith, are morally depraved.  Though I'm sure they'll insist it's something else.  

I think the more parsimonious view of this is that the materialists don't think very hard about what they claim and that they demand an exemption from the consequences of their faith but only in so far as it goes along with their desires. Which, according to them, you can't do because their faith is a monistic one.   Maybe that's why they hate philosophy so much, it tends to lead to rigorous investigation of claims like theirs. 

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