Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Will Susan Collins And The Other Senators Yet Come Round To Doing What Mitch McConnell Wants Them To?

As a number of people have said, Mitch McConnell was busy all during the long holiday weekend trying to come up with some version of the appalling Kill The Poor, the Sick And The Old Act So We Can Give Billionaires 7 Million More Dollars Every Year Act in order to get Susan Collins to pretend she's gotten the best bill she could have, so she can run for Governor of Maine and deal with only the carnage in my afflicted state.  

It's important to keep up the pressure on the Republicans in the Senate on this issue, I know Susan Collins, I've been observing her for decades, she has to be convinced that she won't be able to pull her usual act on this one.  Her statements about not supporting a bill that would trash Planned Parenthood and other claims - her own patented version of conscience as seen on TV - have to be brought up to her.  I will be calling her office today.   

People with Senators who can be convinced that their reelection or future or, on the off chance that they really care about it, their reputations will be seriously harmed by supporting any repeal of the ACA, any increase in the uninsured, any refusal to maintain and improve on that bill will cost them serious damage.   They have to be convinced that this is one fight that will not be over because as soon as the Senate acts people will start losing their coverage, their homes, their livelihoods, their health care and their lives.  

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