Sunday, July 2, 2017

Anyone Know?

There's another thing that Arch Oboler wrote and directed that I wish I could see or at least read the script for,  an early TV episode called, "Mr. Dydee"  which I read about last year.  The description of the plot sounds like it could have been lots of fun.

A not-to-bright, small-time horse player inherits a diaper service.

Sounds like O'Neill's "Hughie" in an alternative universe. 

Maybe one of my erudite readers - the real stuff, not what's been on display here earlier this morning - might know if it even exists as a video.  


Here's one of the last things Oboler did in radio drama, from the same Sears Radio Theater series I posted from yesterday, from 1979, complete with the vintage commercials and messages and announced by Vincent Price.

Arch Oboler - The Old Boy 

The Old Boy

Update 2:  Yeah, I've heard his Drop Dead LP.  You can hear it on Youtube.  I have to say that I don't find Oboler's horror and sci-fi stuff as good as some of his other stuff.   Oddly, the content he recorded in hi-fi in 1962 seems more dated to me than the stuff he did in the 30s and 40s.  I really like some of it but he was churning out a lot of stuff as a working hack writer.  It's amazing how much stuff those guys wrote.  It's like blogging only a lot longer and a lot better quality. 

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