Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Pleasure Delayed - Or Why I Should Read The Local News More Than I Do

How in the world did I miss the news that one of the most infamous of scumbags in my state who I have longed to see in prison is finally being sent there?   The decades long crime spree of egg and pig factory owner, Jack Decoster finally resulted in his long overdue sentencing along with his criminal son, Peter Decoster and I was too busy paying attention to the Trump crime gang to have noticed.

The relationship of him finally getting a small measure of what he's earned for decades and the retirement from the Senate of his cousin and rumored guardian devil, Olympia Snowe, would be interesting to know.  The word in Maine politics and regulatory agency rumor mill is that she, working through Republicans in the state, made problems for her cousin disappear.  One person I know who worked in the Department of Environmental Protection (not so much these days) told me that he knew of files on Decoster and his company that disappeared mysteriously.  I haven't heard how he and his crime family have been kept from justice in other states.  It's noteworthy that he was finally found guilty, not in Maine, where his record goes back the longest, but in Iowa where he was finally brought down by selling salmonella infected eggs and making thousands sick, endangering their lives.   Perhaps the Maine Republicans who have kept him from going down before don't have as much influence there. 

There are lots of people who deserve to die in prison for their long term crimes, most of who will be kept out of there by their scumbag lawyers and judges who pamper white-collar criminals, the richer the better treated, and at least Jack Decoster is one who I think should never get out.  He is a truly evil and amoral person, one who has blasphemed against God by pretending to be religious, a Christian no less.  

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