Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hate Mail - Time To Grow Up And Stop Believing In President Bartlett and The Gang

The clearest proof that Vladimir Putin, his crime regime, the people who it employs to find weaknesses in Western countries used the American electoral system set up by the Constitution, the interpretation of the First Amendment that allows the American media to lie for the richest, even to use the push for ratings among the American media freed from any public service obligations IS THAT NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO PREVENT HIM FROM PUTTING THE MOST INCOMPETENT AND CORRUPT PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY, HIS PUPPET, IN OFFICE AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM AND THE COURTS HAVE DONE NOTHING TO PREVENT IT OR TO CORRECT THE CORRUPTED ELECTION.   Every day Trump remains in office, every day that the involvement of Pence, Flynn, etc. is covered up and papered over is a day that Putin's hold on our government grows. 

The American system with its cumbersome federalism, its many corrupt state governments, its regional and class paranoia, its racism its Republican favoring, rich favoring media has been and remains a sitting duck for the kind of corruption that Putin accomplished with little cost and great rewards AND IT IS NOT DOING ANYTHING TO REMOVE PUTIN'S PUPPET FROM THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY.

The Constitution has not protected American democracy, the Courts have not done much and if Anthony Kennedy does retire, the Supreme Court will be the third pillar to turn into a rubber stamp for Trump.   The Jeffersonian idea that the free press was going to rescue us from attacks on democracy has been shown to be a joke,  they created Trump and played along with him BECAUSE HIS OUTRAGEOUSNESS WAS GOOD FOR RATINGS.   The American media has corrupted the American People, it has made them cynical people unable to mount the clear-eyed idealism necessary for democracy to work.  

The American Constitution is an 18th century anachronism, it is an open invitation for exactly what Putin has done, not by some outrageous extra-constitutional means but by exploiting the weakness in our system exactly in the same way that American millionaires and billionaires have done for the entire period of  government under that Constitution.   Such billionaires are trying to actually alter it to make it worse and a more useful tool for their control.  

If you think you can refute any of this, wait till Trump, Pence and others who have been been successfully removed from office and sent to prison along with the rest of those who colluded with the Putin crime gang because nothing less than that is evidence that "the system works".   No matter what you'll hear in the American media who were instrumental in the creation and installation of Trump.   The West Wing was a fairy tale, it is make believe.  


  1. "The West Wing" was a fairy tale, it is make believe."

    Next thing you'll be telling me that Xena, Warrior Princess didn't really fight in the Trojan War AND meet Jesus.

    1. Well, I was the one who had to tell you Shakespeare in Love wasn't a biography. And given your sense of time, where things don't happen one after another in order and not the other way round.... Yeah, Simps, I've got to break the news to you that your imaginary girlfriend didn't do those things.

  2. And the voices in your head start singing MISSA LUBA in a performance by Celine Dion, Evelyn Glennie and The Harmonicats.