Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Arch Oboler - State Executioner - Profits Unlimited

These are from the famous Lights Out series.   The second one, the one Oboler said was set far into the distant future sounds like what the world billionaire class are mostly intent on doing and not on any distant island.    What is really terrifying today is that it sounds like the dream of the psychopathic tech billionaire class who are taking over this country.  Actually, it sounds pretty much like a dream of some of the social scientists of the last half century, Oboler's postscript was excessively optimistic.   This will come up whenever people see people as things, objects for use.   

The Ionized Yeast Tablet commercials are oddly appropriate.   

Arch Oboler often composed his plays while he was lying in bed, he would often record his thoughts on a dictaphone and a secretary would transcribe them for further editing.    He was one of the at best using a theater in the imagination because he was in close touch with his.  

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