Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Trumpzis Hate America Or At Least The Best Thing About It

I had missed this story, that National Public Radio sent out tweets of the Declaration of Independence yesterday - they always read it on-air on the 4th of July, have been doing that for decades - Trump's supporters tweeted back at their inflammatory radicalism and calls for overturning the Trump regime. This one sums it up well:

  1. If you think NPR tweeting out the Declaration of Independence is a slam against Trump, what does that say about how you view Trump?

Kurt Eichenwald noticed:

  1. NPR tweets, as on all July 4, Declaration of Independence. Cult45 goes nuts, thinking its call 4 revolt gainst Trump
  2. Replying to can these "I support Trump cause I'm a patriot" folks not know what's in the frigging Declaration of Independence we celebrate 2DAY!
  3. Since trump fans didn't know what Declaration of Independence was and cited NPR for treason for tweeting it, will they call DofI fake news?

As usual, my thanks to RMJ for pointing this out. It is quite funny and shows just how unAmerican the Trump cult is. They are fascists, real, actual English speaking fascists come to power because for the other 364 days of every year the news media, including NPR, promotes Republicans even when they are Republican-fascists.

That isn't to say that I think everything in that document is great - though that beginning is pretty good - the section about the native population who a number of the founders were intent on  robbing of their land is both disgustingly dishonest and racist and a near total lie.  While I didn't read all of the deranged Trumpzi tweets, I have a feeling that wasn't a section they would complain about.

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