Friday, July 7, 2017

Simps Gets Sciency - Hate Mail

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Oh, did Neil Degrasse Tyson really say that you don't figure anything out as a result of praying?  

How would he know?  Has he tried it?  Has he got data?  Evidence?  Has he polled his fellow scientists or looked into the literature to see what those in the past said about their experience about the relationship between prayer and their discoveries?  

Online, I've seen a number of quotes about the efficacy of prayer ascribed to a number of eminent scientists but haven't ever bothered to look up their authenticity.  This one is attributed to Lord Kelvin

"Every discovery I have made that has contributed to the benefit of man He has given me in answer to prayer."

Did he say it?  I don't know and don't particularly care.  Though I do wonder what a search of some the real giants of physics, people like Copernicus, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Lord Kelvin, and other sciences might have to say about their experience of a relationship between praying and their work.  You know, people who will be remembered after the TV personality, N.D.T. is remembered, if at all, for the struggle over the status of Pluto as a planet and some really crappy TV shows with really crappy fact checking.  

I do know that Simps has never figured out much of anything so what he has to say about getting something done or learning something is definitely not a product of first hand knowledge.  I don't think anything he says is a product of knowledge, it's a product of shared prejudices which he and his buddies move around like Colorforms in lieu of thinking.  

As to N.D.T. knowing the first thing about why people pray, what they pray for and what their conclusions as to the result of that is, I can't imagine him having anything important to say on the topic anymore than a washed-up, 3rd tier pop-music "journalist" would.  I mean, you'd have to take seriously what Anita Bryant or Ted Nugent said about it on the same basis and I don't.  

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