Monday, July 3, 2017

Holiday Announcement

To write or not to write, that is the question.  

It's been my blogging experience that holiday weekends, especially the extra-long ones like this year's July 4th, get the fewest readers of the whole year.   I've got some kind of lingering malady and have a ton of work to do in my garden - which I am dependent on - so I might not write much new unless I feel inspired. 

I might post some music or another radio play or more. I might post on the idiocy of my trolls, especially the one who is like a mix of Captain Ahab and Alexander Portnoy if they knew everything they did from too much American TV, commercial movies and pop-kulcha.  

I've got to go do some weeding.  

What I won't be doing is celebrating a holiday that the elevation of Trump-McConnell-Ryan has made into a dangerously hypocritical mockery, claiming things that have been disproved by their elevation, imposed on us by a corrupt Constitution being corruptly interpreted by the Republicans on the Supreme Court in the interests of the billionaire class.  I'm not going to join in that putrid pantomime.

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