Friday, July 7, 2017

This Might Be The Most Important Reporting In The American Media This Week

Other than Bill Moyers Rachel Maddow is probably the smartest straight news person on American TV today and I think this story proves why that is true.

It is clear that the news media is vulnerable to being used to discredit its real reporting of fact by those who are in league with the Donald Trump regime, this is exactly the kind of thing that a spy operation would try, the kind of stuff that the Putin regime has been shown to have done in the recent French election ratfucking and, I have no doubt, in many other things.

Our media, our system under the Bill of Rights as interpreted in the past fifty-three years, is entirely vulnerable to this kind of manipulation.  With the rise of 24-7 cabloid crap it is an open invitation to be used against whatever intentions it has to be a real news operation.

There is nothing they won't use, no level beneath which they won't sink, nothing too awful for them to use to game American politics to turn it into a fascist system.  For those who are familiar with the first several years of the Nazi era, the Mussolini period, this looks dangerously like what they would have done because that's what it is.  The Putin crime family is capable of doing this, it is, without any doubt, the foremost proponent of neo-fascism and neo-Nazism in the world today, to use American fascists to discredit and destroy democracy, to subvert the very truth in order for them to destroy the democracy which they certainly don't want to succeed or even exist.

This is the kind of thing that American administrations did to prevent any kind of democracy breaking out in Latin America, the last thing that American corporations and millionaires wanted was a good example of a better government and a more equal distribution of wealth in Latin America.  Certainly there are many in the intelligence community who can see that now it's the Putin regime who have gamed our system, our Constitution and our civic faith to subvert democracy here, with those who mounted the terrorist campaign against democracy in Latin America, now the allies of a foreign dictator as dangerous as any in the past.  

One of my greatest fears is that the basic beliefs around such things as free speech and free press unleashed to lie with impunity is such a golden calf of idolatry that those won't be changed in time to save us.  There is a reason that the very fascists who put Trump in office, who are subverting American democracy are declaring themselves the real, true defenders of "free speech" today.  Putin and his cronies aren't idiots, they understand the United States in ways that our own media and academics seem to not be able to see.  Their motives in understanding us as we really are is to try to game our system for themselves.  In the age of the internet,  they find that a lot easier to do than every before.  We were safer at the height of the Soviet Union than we are now.  As bad as Republicans of the past have been, and they have been really bad, Trump is our worst nightmare.  Yet.

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