Monday, July 3, 2017

Vote Up Crock

I think there is a rule to be made from the observation that someone who is reduced to accusations of violation of standardized spellings has proven they've pretty much got nuthin'.   Only Simps proved he had nothing a long, long time ago.  His most recent role of tireless meter maid of spelling leads me to imagine him getting aroused by dressing up something like this:

Image result for meter maid costume

only old and dumpy.  Note the kew-el teal colored electric on the stand.  Simps written all over it. 

He tried to post that comment here yesterday, too.  I don't remember if it was one I posted and answered and can't be bothered to look.  I notice it's "liked" by a Howard_Bannister who I don't remember seeing at Eschaton before.  I suspect it's one of Simps' many sockpuppets.  No "Howard_Bannister" has ever tried to post a comment here or otherwise shows up among those who access this blog.  I suspect it's Simps taking the name of a character from an old Streisand movie, one in a series of dreary unfunny screwball comedies of the period, so old I saw it on TV or, at least, part of it.  I don't think I ever voluntarily paid to sit through something like that.*   I could never much take Ryan O'Neal.  Yeah, it's got Simps sock puppet written all over it.  If it isn't it's someone equally dopey. 

* I got taken on a date to see the really horrible "Murder by Death" which was one of the movies that turned me off to movies.   The first requirement of a comedy should be that it doesn't make you depressed from the opening credits.  But not in Hollywood, not generally.  I don't miss the movies. 

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