Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"This is a very, very dark development."- Josh Marshall on Comey Firing

I can only remember a few times in twenty years in this business that I heard genuinely stunning news. Obviously 9/11 was stunning; natural disasters are stunning. But I mean political developments which are totally unexpected and substantially shocking. This is shocking. 

I want to give some basic background. Let me discuss the letters released by the White House, which explain the reasoning of the Attorney General who made the recommendation. We are only just reviewing the letters. But they appear to hang Comey’s firing on his treatment of the Clinton probe, arguing that his July press conference was inappropriate, violated DOJ guidelines, etc. They also reference his October 28th email. In other words, they are saying that they are firing Comey, in essence, for unfairness to Hillary Clinton.

To be fair, on the surface that are not talking about fairness but Comey’s violations of precedent and guidelines in choosing to speak out about Clinton. I believe this is true. Comey’s actions in both instances were entirely inappropriate and wrong. But, in context, this is highly disturbing since this is clearly not the reason why Comey was fired.

Notably in Trump’s letter to Comey he “thanks” Comey for purportedly three times telling Trump that he was not personally under investigation in the Trump/Russia probe.

This is a very, very dark development.

That Jeff Sessions and his deputy were in on this as Jeff Sessions is certainly under investigation as part of the Russian ratfucking of our elections makes this exactly on the same level as anything Nixon did as he was leading up to impeachment.  That's me but I'm sure it's being said by other people.


  1. Interesting they didn't ask for Comey's resignation, they just axed him: and on the basis of how he investigated Hillary Clinton.

    If you believe that, I've got some land in southern Louisiana you'll want to buy sight unseen. Trust me.....

    1. I wonder if he's going to be allowed back into his office.

  2. Probably not. Comet was in L. A. when he saw a TV report that he'd been fired.

    1. I hope he wasn't too stupid so as not to have backed up his files some other place. Like what's his name did in the Federal attorney's office in NYC.