Monday, May 8, 2017

I, as a gay man and an equality absolutist, am not at all offended by Stephen Colbert's joke which referred to Donald Trump's mouth as Putin's "cock holster".   For a start, straight men and women are quite capable of being the receptive participant in oral sex.  Second, it's an accurate metaphor for Trump's relationship with Putin and the Russian billionaire crook's club.  Three words, "gay for pay".  Trump is essentially a porn star.  Third, the FCC is clearly doing what the Republican-fascist right wants them to do, it is coming out as the political tool it was always never supposed to be.   

Update:  Oh, he's claiming that I'm agreeing with him?  When did he start speaking as a gay man?  As I used to say back when I wasted too many hours at Duncan's declining blog, "As they used to say, I don't want him in the club." 


  1. My pedantic analysis is that it was meant to humiliate the subject by putting him in a submissive and denigrating sexual posture. I suppose that can be seen as "anti-gay," but it's really not any different in sentiment than "Fuck you!" When a male says that to another male, it's in the same spirit of humiliation, as the ultimate denigration is to be the recipient of the male member during intercourse.

    At least, what's what the phrase is meant to convey, else why use it as the ultimate (although worn to a nubbin by excessive use) insult?

    1. I figured he was just messing with Trump's mind. Like I do with someone else.

      I'd be ashamed to publish some of the jokes I've told about Trump and Putin's relationship. "Deliverance" was involved in some of them.

      I'm dating myself by saying "in the club" that was out even by the time I came around.