Thursday, May 11, 2017

Jeesh! Get Over The Preppies And The Ivys, They're Our Indigenous Criminal Class - Hate Mail

It is a widespread phenomenon that is a common enough delusion that it should have a name, that people who aren't of the prep-school to Ivy League class get nervous and upset when one of us, we, the large majority of humanity who went to public schools and universities point out how many criminals and thugs and pirates and gangsters are prep-Ivy.  As I recall it was just my doing that at the beginning of the Obama administration that was the occasion of my first fight with the man who has been obsessed with attacking me ever since.  And the schmuck isn't even one of them being the product of a far from Ivy private college.

Just what is it about that prep-Ivy cult that so enthralls people who aren't part of it?  Envy?  Perhaps I'm especially impious about it because I'm from a part of New England and from a class which has largely felt the jack boot of the Harvard product and a state whose native population was held up to ridicule and condescension by a scribbler produced at Cornell. Or maybe I'm just ornery enough to reject their conceit.

I will give you an example of the prep-Ivy BS.  That now infamous New York Times op-ed that advocated saying nice things about Donald Trump was by the long time media twit, Michael Kinsley - Cranbrook Prep, Harvard, Oxford (Rhodes Scholar, don'cha know) and with that what comes out at the end is Michael Kinsley telling us that Trump is Fascist - yes, he is and, despite what Kinsley says, a very dangerous one - but that we should take some time out of our week to say something nice about him.   What a putz!  And he's only one of a myriad of such prep-Ivy that inhabits the media, the legal profession, politics, and, certainly, big business and the corporate fascist oligarchy.   And, lest it be forgotten, Donald Trump is a prep-Ivy Kew-Forest-New York Military Academy - Wharton School*, U of Pennsylvania (it's an Ivy, NOT a public university, in case the name confuses you, as it does others).   Sorry for that last parenthetical statement, I know Simps is reading this looking for something to cherry pick and distort.  He's been doing that ever since we had that spat about the Ivy League criminal class.

*  As I mentioned, yesterday, in the post that set off the Ivy-soxer,  the Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is a Wharton grad, as well.  I'm sure that helped him with Trump.  I wouldn't be shocked if it had something to do with what Rosenstein did for a fellow old-boy the other day.

Update:  Uh, listen kid, I've seen more Harvard grad than many and most of them weren't liberals and those who might have been in their college days have a strong tendency to either turn conservative as soon as they're earning or trying to land their first job with six figures give that up as childhood folly or to, as in the example above, go soft on rich criminals.  A Harvard Liberal who was a real liberal might stay one but most of them are just libertarians playing at it.  The rare one who breaks that pattern is rare for a reason.

Update 2:  I'm given the example of that Yalie, Lewis Black.  A. let me know when Lewis Black goes into something other than entertainment so we can see if he retains his purity, B. Let me know when he goes into government service.  Maybe he could send in his name to head the FBI.  It might be good for a laugh.  C. That's the best you can come up with?  And here I thought you were an Ivy groupie.

If you can't get a date get a Yalie.

Update 3:  It's so tempting to post the comments from the Sweet Tart of Ivy Guys.  Steve, I'm doing you a favor,  you look cheap and ridiculous.  I mean, more so than usual.

Update 4:  I'm told he's totally out of control over this post over at Duncan's (PhD econ from the second least of those "lesser Ivies" whose grad Ted Cruz thought were too icky for his Harvard Law study group, Brown) blog.  I'd go look but why do that when I can watch Rod Rosenstein scrape what's left of his reputation from the sidewalk?

Update 5:  "It's a long story....." and as it's Steve Simels' version of it you're reading, it's a sure thing that it's about as true as the Comey firing cover story.  

I told you guys, I'm busy watching Simp's pin-up Ivy guy trying to spoon up his dignity from where it was pushed off the cliff and putting it into a tin cup.

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  1. Jeremy Lin said he dealt with more racism in the Ivy Leagues than in the NBA.

    Fun fact: James Martin, SJ, chaplain of the Colbert Report, has the same educational background as Trump. He grew dissatisfied with the corporate world and took holy orders.

    And if you haven't seen 'Silence,' you should. I know you're not much of a movie guy, but this is worth your time.