Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hate Mail - "You Hate Science"

That's a paraphrase of a number of hate messages.  You know what's really funny, I'll bet none of you guys have ever, in the history of your blogs, or comments, ever published a link or even a passage from an actual, peer-reviewed science paper or a classic of science.   

Through RMJ's, I f**king hate science.   I don't actually hate science but I really can say I pretty much hate commercial sci-guys and their millions of sci-ranger groupies.  Most of whom couldn't plug numbers into the quadratic formula and solve it.   I wouldn't be surprised if a distressingly large number of them couldn't navigate solving the area of a circle or even a rectangle.

I do hate scientism, one of the most widespread superstitions among the allegedly educated in the Western World.   And I hate the artificial, fragrance #x aroma of sanctity given to a range of purposely amoral professions, many of which are actively engaged in producing weapons, mechanisms and industrial products of mass death. And that doesn't get to the scientists such as Steve Weinberg and others who are such hypocrites about it, often on the basis of lying about history. 

I can say I liked The Kids In The Hall.   Bill Nye?  I thought Pee Wee Herman was more interesting. You do know Bill Nye is a kiddie show host, don't you?  Or is what he says new to you, too?   I think the author of that controversial Salon article got it right, he's a mascot, a team mascot.  I think most of the sci-ranger-sci-guy stuff is about as deep and significant as sports fandom only about something that is important. 

Update:  You want to know why Kids In The Hall is relevant, read the article linked to and who wrote it and what he's known for.  I'm not in the business of spoon feeding lazy trolls. 

Update 2:  I doubt Stupy can tell you what 7x6 is without a calculator. 

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  1. The basis of science is reasoning. Interesting how many defenders of "science" (scientism, more accurately) are so unreasonable about their defense.