Friday, May 12, 2017

If Rosenstein Turns Out To Be A Dirt Bag It's Entirely His Own Fault

If Rod Rosenstein has not appointed a credible special prosecutor by Monday we know that he's been pulling the wool over the eyes of lots of people for many years.  I don't care how much the old boys network claims otherwise, no one who is in his position, largely due to his own professional actions, could credibly allow this to go on through the weekend without removing the investigation from the reach of Donald Trump or anyone he will appoint to head the FBI or anyone answerable to the massively corrupt and very possibly criminal Jeff Sessions. 

Whether or not Rosenstein turns out to be a dirt bag is in his own hands now.  I wouldn't be surprised if he takes the easy way out by either resigning without having appointed a prosecutor or if he lets Trump fire him without having done that but that's not going to save his reputation that he sacrificed to serve the worst person to have ever held the American presidency.   

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