Thursday, May 11, 2017

The American Government Like The Russian One Is In The Control of Criminals

It is clear that the pose that Jeff Sessions went through in recusing himself as Attorney General in all matters of the investigation of Trump regime collusion with the Putin crime family was about as truthful as his perjured testimony in the sham of a confirmation hearing.  The reason he had to recuse himself was his lie, under oath, to a question by Senator Al Frankin in which he lied about meeting with Russian officials as he participated in the Trump Campaign.   With his part in firing James Comey and the news that he has been interviewing possible replacements for the person who will lead that investigation, he is trying to be the man who chooses the man who will investigate him.

The Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions is being shaped to let those who broke the law, committed treason against democracy and the American People will be allowed to walk and get off and continue their criminality and treason.  If the House and Senate were not in Republican control, this would never have happened.   That was the one thing that saved the United States during the Nixon crime spree, Democrats held both houses of Congress - under the partisan fascism of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell there is no check on the unprecidented power grab by the Trump regime, they and their Republican colleagues are almost entirely in favor of it.

This is the biggest civic catastrophe to hit the United States, perhaps in its history, in which we see what happens when the government is in the hands of crooks and people with no sense of shame and so no sense of honor.  The extent to which honor was depended on by those 18th century amateurs who set up our system of government and the extent to which that dependency was mistaken becomes ever clearer with every passing day, some days with every passing hour.

It is not shocking that the regime in Moscow would want a Donald Trump in control of the United States, a Donald Trump and his crime associates who now run the Republican Party.   Gangsters like Putin and his ilk would rather deal with their fellow gangsters instead of democrats who believe in the common good and the rule of law.   It isn't shocking that our domestic gangsters, the billionaire and millionaire criminal class, here, want the same thing.  And it has gradually become unsurprising that the American media - functioning largely as the PR wing of the oligarchs - is anything from inadequate to prevent or fight against this when it isn't a willing participant in setting it up.   The American People, if they are to have democratic government have got to understand that the honors system the aristocratic founders set up, including the vague, nonspecific parts of the Bill of Rights doesn't work in our present environment.   They will have to risk replacing an honors system with a system of laws to prevent foreign gangsters and our own domestic ones from doing what they've done over the past half century of ever worsening attacks on democracy and the common good.

NPR asks Will Foreign Mischief In U.S. Elections Become 'The New Normal'?  even as they and the upper levels of American media normalize the Trump regime.  The New York Times is doing the same.   Clearly the freest press in our history has sold us out.  The NPR story says that during the Senate committe hearing that seems like it happened moths ago:

Clapper and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates also told senators they thought the U.S. must "harden" its election systems to safeguard vote-counting and registration systems. The government could declare such networks "critical infrastructure," like the electric grid, Clapper said, and offer them the same kind of cyber-protections.

They follow that with the claim by James Comey:

Then-FBI Director James Comey told a Senate panel before his surprise dismissal on Tuesday that there was no evidence that Russia's 2016 election-meddling affected any votes or electoral outcomes in the United States, but that Russians have attempted to do just that elsewhere outside the United States.

But that's only in the votes cast, it doesn't get to the most effective part of the Putin regime attack on democracy here and elsewhere, by spreading false and damaging information about candidates not in their pockets.   There isn't any way an FBI investigation could measure the votes swayed by the non-stop propaganda that NPR and virtually every other organ of the American media carried on Putin's behalf, if anything the lefty media carried as much of that as FOX.   Some of them still are.

Nothing that doesn't include making it actionable to lie about liberal politicians in the media is going to be more than a pose and a band-aid against a full out attack on our democracy.   Our system narrowly rejected the psychotic criminal, Richard Nixon in 1960.  After the Sullivan decision, it not only elected him in 1968, it reelected him against one of the most decent men to have ever gotten the Democratic nomination in 1972, even as his criminality was obvious.   The Congress, though, forced his resignation, that congress is in full control of the Nixon style Republican Party now, it was the corporate media and their owners who lied the American People into voting for the Republicans who are in control now.  They made Trump, through both their entertainment and alleged news operations. They largely sustain him now.

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