Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Susan Collins Is Going To Be Part Of The Cover Up

Susan Collins, one of the Shames of Maine went out of her way to endorse the disgraceful Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, still supporting him even as it became obvious that he lied during his confirmation hearing, under oath, even as Senator Franken exposed that lie.  She joined the rest of her Republican party in putting party over the country and over law to install one of the most unsuitable Attorneys General in recent history.  Now that he has obviously violated the requirements of his recusal from the investigation into Russian interference with the election to install Donald Trump as a very likely Putin asset into the White House, Susan Collins is obviously working to give him cover by playing that she believes the transparent sham that the reason James Comey was fired was because of his wrongs in regard to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mails, something which not only Trump but also Sessions had no problem with as he was doing it.

Susan Collins has always been the beneficiary of a Republican-owned Maine media and its practice of treating her like a queen, a figure above criticism.  Well, she isn't, she's a politician and she's a politician who, as one person put it, you can always count on showing independence from her Republican Party when it doesn't matter.  Well, this matters, it is nothing less than treason and having a sitting president who has very likely colluded with a foreign dictator who very likely can blackmail him and whose associates have definitely got him in their debt.  

Susan Collins' statement on the Comey firing is shameful and she deserves to be held accountable by the voters of my state, Maine.  She has exposed herself for what she is, a partisan for whom party is more important than the Country or even the principles of democracy.  With this statement, she becomes a fully invested part of the Trump cover-up of his criminal activity, that of his associates and very likely that of his family who he has given unprecidented power.   This isn't merely a constitutional crisis, this is a crisis for democracy, one which democracy has every possibility of losing.  This marks the character of everyone involved in it, including Susan Collins and she has shown just what hers is.  

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