Sunday, May 7, 2017

Is This What They Call A Treatment?

I don't write fiction but if I did I wouldn't write some lame High Castle type of thing, I'd write about how the biological determinists had won and killed off all of the groups they targeted in their quest for an improved human species.  

But, one of the things such jerks never realize is that once you've started measuring people on a scale of valuation as is contained in Darwinism, and neo-eugenics and evo-psy, there will always be the inclination to ever more cullings of the human population in which there will always be those who are deemed of lesser value than those deemed to be above them and that their elimination will, then, be what is deemed to be desirable.  

I'd have it down to the last handful of supermen who battle it out and then have the last man, alone, unable to leave his superior genes to anyone because he can't breed by himself.   The numb skull.  Only problem, there would be no one who could honestly be admirable enough to function as a hero, they'd all be assholes who deserved to die.  

That's what I'd write if I wrote fiction.  Maybe I could write a radio play about it, but I don't do dialog very well and I'm more a listener than a playwright. 

Update:  Oooh,  oooh,  or better, that the last few got to be so interbred that their descendants were sickly, psychotic, idiots. 

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