Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Republican Party Is The Party of Crooks And Traitors

The Republican Party is revealed this week as a party full at the top of people who are not patriots but they play one on TV.   Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Chuck Grassley the pseudo-moderate Susan Collins are all covering up and enabling the most extravagant display of arrogant, admitted criminal behavior and treason by Donald Trump, admitted in his own words.  The Republicans who have any shred of a claim to integrity left could probably be counted on one hand and other than Senator Richard Burr, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I'm trying to remember what other names go on that list.  The part-time, for camera patriotism of McCain and Graham is wanting in a big way.

McConnell and Ryan are as guilty of treason and of violations of their oaths of office as Trump is, at this point.  Jeff Sessions is guilty of lying about his recusal from matters surrounding the Russia investigation, Rod Rosenstein - everyone's idea of a Republican of sterling character and boy-scout integrity - is, at the very least, guilty of aiding and abetting the worst of the corruption.

If there is any justice the Republicans will reap the whirlwind they've sown but, unfortunately, we will too.  There is only one country, one world.  Adam Schiff, appearing on Maher's show last night put all of that down to their hopes of plundering the country.

After a week of stunning revelations, the firing of FBI Director James Comey and then the ever-shifting rationale offered by Trump surrogates, which then got bowled over by Trump himself in an interview with Lester Holt, Maher asked Schiff when the GOP is going to start breaking with the president.

After showing a rowdy town hall in which a constituent shouted at a Republican House member to “decide to be an American and not a politician,” Maher asked Schiff, “How can they govern if that’s what’s brewing out in America? What are the Republicans saying to each other behind closed doors? They must be sh*tting their pants.”

Schiff laughed, but then said, “They all want something from this president before the wheels come completely off the wagon. They want their tax cuts, they want their regulatory repeal of all the mining regulations, etc. And then they’ll find their spine.”

I think that's about right,  Paul Ryan wants to steal Social Security, destroy Medicare and Medicaid, destroying the lives of, literally, millions of Americans, driving millions more into destitution and desperation - he is someone out of whom a new stock character of psychopathology must arise, the Ayn Randian sadist presenting their pleasure of causing pain as high principle and being allowed to get away with it by others.   In Paul Ryan I think we have a model of how concentration camp guards could brutalize and murder people before going home to their families at night.  I think his surface normality - such as that is - is a good warning about the deception appearances can be.

Mitch McConnell's is a more old fashioned kind of evil, he's a crook a thug and a racist, we've seen his type in the movies before.  He is a throwback to the kind of corruption that flourished in the gilded age and the antebellum period.   I would say that he is what his state, Kentucky, should be mocked for, they having inflicted such a total piece of slime on us but he's a product of a totally corrupt Republican Party.  One which once had a many but a minority of such crooks when Nixon's criminality was undeniable.  That type now dominate. the very, very few who are showing any kind of honesty or integrity, now.  The run the Republican party as an overtly fascist Donald Trump admits to the very things Nixon was impeached to on national television as if that's how you do business as president of the United States.  And they are letting him get away with it.  Republicans are the major source of corruption in the government of the United States, today.

There is a widely believed myth, a TV induced delusion that certainly must die with this, that what the United States needed was a businessman as president.  It's clear that being a businessman should be considered a disqualification for being president because the laws are so corrupted as to let them get away with things that no one else can.  Donald Trump is just doing business the way he always has and has gotten away with when he should probably have been, first, in the jail house then in the poor house for what he's done.  That comparison I made with Leona Helmsley is apt, they've got a lot in common.  Only she went to jail for what she did - though she died a billionaire.  He'll probably escape having to pay for his far higher crimes altogether because the Republican Party accounts for the strongest reasons our law is corrupt. And, he is a man who isn't called a "bitch" when he acts like Leona Helmsley did.   He's considered "strong".

By the way,  I've got a feeling that Adam Schiff is exactly what Rod Rosenstein is supposed to be but who he is proving he is not, a man of high integrity.  If people were not so addled by TV and appearances he'd be considered presidential material.  I say that even though he's Stanford - Harvard. I'm not blind to the exceptions, few though they seem to be most days.

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