Thursday, May 11, 2017

Holy Cow - The Lester Holt Interview

I just listened to excerpts from Lester Holt's interview of Donald Trump.  I can't believe how amazingly stupid Trump is to have admitted to having called the FBI director to ask for an update on the investigation into his campaign and administration.

This can't be allowed to happen or there is nothing left to American democracy,  the Republicans will have installed strong-man criminal government.  

I'm not surprised he did it, I'm shocked that he'd be so stupid as to admit it in public, on national TV.  And, if I'm not mistaken, he may have accused Comey of committing either an act of monumental impropriety or perhaps a felony.   Not to mention the other people in his regime whose recent and past statements and actions he has fingered as either lying, malfeasance or, maybe crimes, as well.  

Update:  I really can't stand listening to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she lies without any shame, without any act of conscience entering into it. And she graduated from, Ouachita Baptist University, allegedly a religious institution.  Apparently, like her father, Rev. Mike Huckabee, they never taught her it was a sin to tell a lie, either. 

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