Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Shade of Roger Taney is Smiling From Hell

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I remember when I first went online and I started condemning the Supreme Court as a corrupt instrument which has, with the fewest of exceptions, been a secure means of preventing equality and justice, a lot of liberals got really upset, nervous, skittish.   The older ones invoked the Republican-fascist campaign calling for the impeachment of Earl Warren, bill boards and all.  The friggin' Supreme Court had a little burp of liberalism for a few years in the later 1950s and 60s and people wanted to pretend that was the status quo of the most undemocratic branch of the government.

Well, along with the nuke the Republican-fascists set off today, including the skank from my home state, Susan Collins, I say the days of treating that thoroughly politicized body with kid gloves is well over and good.

Neil Gorsuch has to be exposed every time he does the slightest thing that can be turned against the Republican-fascists who put him on the court, he will give us lots and lots to use.  He will regularly vote to screw the majority of people on behalf of the oligarchs who begot and nurtured the fascist, the Federalist fascists, the American Enterprise Institute, etc.  And the oligarchs.

Democrats should feature his every outrage in a constant stream of political messaging that will turn him into the most hated Supreme since the putrid Roger B. Taney of Dred Scott infamy.  He will probably do everything he can to bring us back to that period.  

There should also be a move to limit the term of Supreme Court members to ten years.  For any great justice who you would like to keep on for life there have been many times more who should never have been there to start with.  The Founders were total novice and amateurs who could never have imagined a ruling elite with no sense of honor, such as the one we have in power now. They couldn't have imagined the kind of scum such as Gorsuch, Thomas, Scalia and Alito could be put onto the court, and if they could, they were not only naive, they were jerks.

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  1. More importantly the couldn't imagine a class of people living into their 90's with regularity and commonality. I may like Notorious RBG, but have no desire to contemplate John Roberts and Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito on the court for several more decades of natural life.