Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Think Jay Semko's Mouse In A Hole Is Great Musical Theater In Six Minutes

Let me guess, you don't like it because he's not from New York or LA and has worked mostly in Western Canada.  I don't care.  Your comment dismissing his song reminds me of the story that his friends told about Charlie Parker who would feed coins into jukeboxes listening to Hank Williams songs.  When his friends complained asking him, the ultimate - no far more than ultimate hipster how he could listen to that corny country stuff he told them to listen to the stories.

Yeah, I do think Jay Semko's song is better than that rehash of Civil War sentimentality - which I finally listened to and, while it isn't exactly tripe, I've heard it all before, many times.  It suffers from being safely in the sentimentalized past not the present with all the dangerous issues involved.  I think, by the way, that Semko's fellow Canadian Robbie Robertson's act of imagination as heard on The Brown Album is ever so much more impressive.

For anyone who missed it below here's a link.

Update:  Dopey is railing at me that I only listened to the words and ignored music in the.... um,  "masterpiece, he railed at me about for most of the past week.  He's wrong.  If I had to judge it on the music I'd note that it's the same stuff I heard in the 1960s rehashed for the past half century thousands of times instead of the mere dozens of times I've heard the same ....un.... literary content.  Banal junk.

Update 2:  Here's Semko singing it with just his guitar at a house concert in Victoria BC.  Notice all of those different voices you thought were different voices were, actually, his.   Yes, it is great musical theater.

Update 3:  Uh, Stupy, I hate to disappoint you but you're not the only idiot who tries to spam up my blog comments.  Maybe you can go back to Baby Blue and hunt down your rival.  I think I'll keep up the ban on posting your comments as well as your buddies' unless I can use their content.  I might get to the point where I don't bother at all with them.  What a loss of attention that will be to you.


  1. You've heard it before? Name five examples, quick, and without googling.

  2. Typically, you're only capable of listening to the lyrics. The music sails miles over your empty noggin.

  3. Uh, Sparky, he last verse is set in the present. You also missed how the song's lyrical voice switches from they to us to I from verse to verse.

    Jeebus, you're a dolt.

  4. Also, I like lots of Canadian music as you well know.

    Have I mentioned your a disingenuous dickhead as well as a dolt?

  5. "The past half centur?" Says the guy who said he stopped listening to pop music during the disco era.

    Get your stories straight, Sparkles

  6. I thought those different voices weren't his? What the fuck are you talking about?

    Seriously, Sparky -- you're in desperate need of an intervention. Unfortunately, you don't have enough friends to stage one.

  7. You're not just a liar, you're a gutless liar.