Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Republicans Are The Party of White Supremacy That Is Why They Are Going After Susan Rice Again

Rule of Republican-fascism: when you can do it, use a Black Woman as a focus in your political witch hunts do it and if it is a Black Woman you've used that way before, so much the better.  The racist, neo-confederate, white-supremacy party is going after Susan Rice again AND THEY'RE GOING AFTER HER, THE FORMER NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR TO THE PRESIDENT FOR DOING HER JOB. '

The mentally defective Pauls, Rand and Big Daddy Ron in his podcast to his pod-people are hardly alone in this Republican effort.  It began in the Trump Whitehouse with, we know,  National Security-political operatives Ezra Cohen-Watnick and  Michael Ellis doing what Susan Rice is being accused of by Republicans, leaking classified information to Devin Nunes in what was an obvious attempt to throw up smoke screen around Trump regime treason with Russia.  The whole thing is, obviously, planned and coordinated to use Susan Rice to rally the racists who are the main support of the Republican-fascist party.

They went after Rice before as part of their phony-scandal over the Benghazi attack, they will, no doubt, drag her through the mud before she is ultimately exonerated but exonerated only by the very few who were paying real attention to it and the few of those who are still paying attention.

The Republican Party made the decision to appeal directly to segregationists and racists in the 1960s it is now in the total control of racists and overt white supremacists.  Male and female, Republicans in the Congress eagerly went after Black Women with glee during Republican campaign of racism against the first Black president in our history.  FOX, Breitbart, the toilet papers, etc. were all part of it.  I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't taking lessons in it from Donald Trump's patron Vladimir Putin who is funding and promoting neo-Nazis and neo-fascists in Europe and here.

This is serious, this is proto-Nazi behavior, this is unacceptable.  This has to be thrown in the face of the few phony-moderates and used to bring them down and get their party out of power.

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